5 Most Used Article Rewriter Apps in 2022

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Choosing the best article rewriter app among a host of these tools is becoming more exhausting for bloggers and students. 

Each coming year brings with it new innovations in technology. The process of evolution is much fast-paced as we can’t comprehend the utmost speed in inventions.

It seems that the proliferation of high-tech tools just happened in a blink of an eye. However, nothing in our present world happened overnight. 

With that said, Artificial Intelligence and the internet have definitely triggered the spark of inventing brand new tools.

Now mobile phones have become the most convenient way to get all your favorite programs in the form of apps.

Therefore, as a writer, you may become ambivalent when it comes to choosing the topmost tool because there of plenty of them. 

You cannot use all of them only to see which works best for you, as you don’t have enough time to do the hit and trial method. 

Therefore, to relieve you from this task, I have given you the five best article rewriter apps that remove plagiarism from your content with great accuracy.

What is plagiarism?

First things first, you need to know what plagiarism is and how it can affect your writing?

Plagiarism appears when you copy someone’s written text word to word indiscriminately. It shows that you have stolen the words from other sources without giving any credit to them.

It is considered a blunder in academic as well as online marketing environs because it reflects your lack of creativity and disregard towards your work.

In the case of blogging or online business, it destroys your Seo strategy and ultimately your ranking on Google falls.

In academic writing, can potentially affect your career and can even lead to the expulsion of your institute.

Why do you need an article rewriter app?

Being a student or a content writer, you must remain aware of plagiarism because it sometimes creeps into your text without your knowledge.

You are suddenly taken aback to see it when you use a plagiarism checker. Instead of fainting, you need to muster the courage to remove such content from your text as soon as you see it. 

The situation exacerbates when you have to provide the content in a short time and you can’t reproduce it by yourself before the deadlines.

You should then use some article rewriter to get rid of that content because it automatically rewrites your text by replacing new words similar in meanings and makes a completely different draft.

Therefore it comes in handy in your day-to-day writing and acts as an adjunct to your whole writing process. Moreover, a rewriter app can become more convenient is accessing.

Apart from that, it can assist you in your learning process. Suppose you don’t have better writing skills so, you can take someone’s content and rephrase it in seconds through this tool. 

While rewording the text, you may learn the process of rewriting. By convention, it will help you know understand how a sentence can be rewritten in many ways. 

A simple observation can enhance your writing skills and if you remained focused, you may employ those words next time in your normal writing because the words will come naturally to you.

Five most used article rewriter apps:

You may find it difficult to find the top article rewriters, so I have given you the five most used tools.

1. Article Rewriter and Spinner – prepostseo

Article Rewriter and Spinner- prepostseo

Besides, giving several Seo tools, prepostseo also provides an article rewriter. People adhere to this tool because it is a class apart from many others. Rewriting with the help of this app is hassle-free.

Article Rewriter

Salient Features:

  1. It is totally free of cost and you can spin your content unlimited times without any issue.
  2. This tool supports more than 14 languages.
  3. It has various modes of rewriting your text so that you get different approaches to spin your article.
  4. Even after spinning your article various times, it gives you the freedom to manually change the meanings of your text. 
  5. The most important factor behind this rewriter is that it completely transforms your text to get a 100% plagiarism-free article.

2. Pro Article Rewriter and Spinner—Brox Team


This rewriting app suggests alternative words when you paste or write any text in the interface inbox.


Salient Features:

  1. It is paid online app which you can get after a one-time payment.
  2. They have a huge database for suggestions, as you can get 60 words suggestions per word.
  3. This app also contains a spelling checker, so you won’t need to worry about your grammar or spelling mistakes.
  4. You can save your content unlimited times with this app.
  5. This app provides complete editing options for your text

3. Article Spinner and Rewriter Free—AKStudios

Article Spinner

This article spinner and rewriter app takes account of your plagiarism and produces exceptional content after spinning.


Salient Features:

  1. It is free to use and you can use this to remove plagiarism with each rewrite up.
  2. It has a simple interface so you won’t get confused while using this app.
  3. This app is considered a reasonable tool for professional use.

4. Rewrite article and spinner text Pro—developer inb

Rewrite article

It is the simplest app to get away with copied content by rewording your text. 

Rewrite article-spinner

Salient Features:

  1. It is a paid tool that rephrases your content in seconds.
  2. This app also checks for grammatical mistakes in your text.
  3. You can easily download your spun article after rewording.
  4. It works with all types of text files.

5. Article spinner pro

Article spinner pro

This free rewriter app spins your text and suggests similar words that best fit your whole text. Moreover, it takes into account the overall semantic meanings of your text.

Article spinner

Salient Features:

  1. You can rewrite your text without any charges.
  2. It suggests specific words for your text with the help of a large database.
  3. This app provides an editor that changes color, size and underlines your text if needed.
  4. It is used by professionals because of its elegant design.
  5. You can save your text inside your mobile phones when your work is done.

Summing it up:

The year 2021 brings several new tools for your use. We cannot take account of all of them as the list of these inventions are countless.

 Moreover, it is difficult to keep track of these apps and online tools because of their gigantic number.

Those belonging to the writing niche, find themselves in a conundrum while searching for the most used rewriting applications.

As the internet has spawned a great many article rewriters, so finding the most used apps is a hard nut to crack. 

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