5 Proven Ways to Increase Your Pinterest Engagement in 2022


Despite its relatively recent start, Pinterest Engagement has become a global social media sensation. It attracts millions of new users every day, and the site’s popularity continues to rise.

To connect with your audience on the app, you must understand the best strategies for generating the highest possible level of engagement.

“Engagement” is using planned and resourceful material to build meaningful relationships overtime on the platform.

Images on the platform with a high level of engagement on the app receive a lot of likes, shares, and comments. The higher the level of involvement, the more sales, authority, and traffic will be generated. 

Although Pinterest has many active users each month, implementing marketing techniques on this platform isn’t always as simple as you may think.

Often, the appropriate methods must be implemented to get a high level of Pinterest Engagement.

Take Advantage of the Best Times To Schedule and Post Pins

There are moments when posting is more effective than others on the app. It’s essential to post at the right time to maximize your reach and engagement on social media.  

Research shows that Saturday is the greatest day to post on to get Pinterest Engagement. Fridays are also a good day to post on social media because many people are finishing their last shift of the week and so have a high level of engagement.

Time is critical if you want your pins to get seen on the platform. Using user interaction signals, ranks and adds pins into Smart Feed.

This implies that more people will view your material if you submit it at the right moment, which tells the app that your specific pins should appear more frequently to its users and increase Pinterest Engagement.

The app wants to know that your pins have a high level of interaction with its users and that this is the reason why hundreds of thousands of new users should view them.

Perfect Pinterest Images

In comparison to other social media networks, Pinterest images are quite distinctive, most photos are arranged vertically instead of horizontally.

In the same way that infographics are typically longer than regular photographs. This type of lengthy image is what you would want to post on the platform.

You can still use smaller images, but they will not stick out as much. Engagement on the platform is heavily based on the aesthetic appeal of a post. Your posts must stand out from the crowd to get the most likes, link followers, and pins.

Recent research shows that platform users prefer tall photos over wide ones. It is simpler to read tall photographs on the app because the boards scroll vertically.

With a larger image, you can convey more information. The more content you provide, the more likely it is that your posts will be re-pinnable.

Engage in Conversations and Express Appreciation

In the end, Pinterest is a social media platform. Thus it’s imperative that you get sociable. Direct messages allow users to communicate with each other on the platform, which helps in Pinterest Engagement.

If you wish to send a pin to a specific person, click on their name in the user list and type them in the paper aircraft icon field.

You can send personalized coupons or gift cards to the most prominent re-pinners to entice them to purchase on your website. Establish discussion groups consisting of like-minded individuals.

You can assist them in establishing connections with one another and with your brand around shared interests.

Thanking your followers on the platform is another method to connect with them. When someone retweets you on Twitter, you express gratitude for the mention.

When someone shares a post on Facebook, you leave a remark expressing your gratitude, and so it is with Pinterest images.

To thank someone who has repinned your Pin, go to their board and leave a remark. This is an underutilized strategy on the app, but it has the potential to increase your interaction with other Pinners.

Utilize the Ads

The advertising program on the platform is a terrific way to highlight your finest Pins, increase traffic and interaction, Pinterest Engagement, and develop brand authority.

Ads on the platform allow you to pick and select whatever Pins you want to promote to a larger audience. It’s essential to plan out your ad strategy to ensure that it reaches the right audience and delivers the most outstanding results.

Pins with the Promoted Pin tag in the lower-left corner will appear in search results alongside regular ones. From the top left-hand corner of the site, you may access the analytics section of the app.

Here, you may obtain an overview of your account, see how many people you reach and which individuals you reach, as well as the amount of attention your website receives as a consequence of your pinning activity. 

Pin Often and Consistently

It’s essential that you give your followers a sense of security that you’ll be posting new content regularly. The more pins you post, the more of your material is visible to other people, increasing your chances of becoming discovered and liked.

However, if you post too frequently, your account will be considered a spammer’s nightmare.

According to studies, consumers who pin between 15 and 30 times every day have the best benefits. If you post all at once, your content won’t be as effective as if you spread it out over the business day. 

Fortunately, there are ways to plan articles in advance, and you don’t need to log in ten times every day to manage your account for the next week.

Bottom Line

In comparison to Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is sometimes referred to as the younger sibling. If your company is not on the platform, you might be losing out on a massive audience.

By following our guide, you can increase the visibility of your pins and boards and drive more traffic to your website.

While Pinterest might be a valuable tool for expanding your brand, you’ll still need a well-thought-out marketing plan to see results.

And if you’re looking to develop your business, boost engagement, and increase traffic, the recommendations above will undoubtedly assist.  Get ready for high engagement outcomes by utilizing these strategies.

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