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  • Except in rare cases (depending on the quality of content and the project/product being discussed), we do not entertain unpaid or free guest posts
  • We only accept Lists posts related to technology (Cybersecurity, Artificial intelligence, Android & Android apps, etc.)
  • Content MUST be unique! We will not accept duplicate content so please don’t waste your time. We will test all content before publishing to ensure it’s not a duplicate.
  • The article must be a minimum of 800 words. 1,000+ words are the preferred amount.
  • Include hyperlinks to quality sources. We only publish information that is truthful and can be validated by well-respected sources.
  • We do not accept posts related to gambling, betting, and related projects
  • We do not accept posts created for the sole purpose of getting backlinks
  • We do not accept posts with offensive content, which can be deemed illegal or is aimed at hurting the sentiments of any ethnicity or community of people
  • We hold the right to make edits to the article where we deem appropriate.
  • We hold the right to deny ANY article that does not add value to our website.
  • We ignore all impersonal, spammy emails.

Make sure to email us here:
You will get notified within 3 business days.

Formatting Guidelines:

  • Please submit as a google doc or .doc/.docx either as an attachment or a link. No PDFs.
  • Please use block formatting.
  • Articles featuring lists, headers, bullet points, and/or other engaging formatting are preferred.
  • If you include images please make sure they are yours.
  • The featured image, if you wish to create it, must be 1200 by 675 pixels. It is subject to the same approval process as content.
  • Please include a brief bio with your article that contains a headshot and links to your website, social media,

Guest Post Tips

  • Make sure your article is informational and not promotional.
  • Guest posts should teach our readers something that they can’t already learn from our site.
  • Don’t send low-quality articles. We will never publish a low-quality article so don’t waste your time.
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