7 Things You Need To Consider Before Becoming Pro Gamer in 2022


There are different categories of gamers in the industry. Some people play games for fun but You need to consider this before becoming a pro gamer as a pastime activity, or as a profession. Those who play video games for fun don’t take it too seriously.

But when it comes to playing it professionally, everything changes. So, if you’re aiming to become a professional gamer who’ll make a living from it, this article is for you. 

Professional gaming requires commitment, consistency, hard work, skills, and investment. So before you take up the path for Becoming Pro Gamer, there are many factors to consider.

The ride is not going to be easy, and that’s why we recommend in-depth research into professional gaming. In this article, we’ll share some of the important things you need to consider before becoming a pro gamer.

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The right gear makes a difference 

When you’re playing video games for fun, you can use any gear you have. But the requirement changes when you’re going to become Pro Gamer.

So, you’ll need to invest in gaming gear such as an HD webcam, Headset, gaming mouse, high-resolution monitor, backlit keyboard, gaming CPUs, Controllers, Stereo speakers, etc.

But when you’re buying these gears, make sure you go for those specifically made for gaming and nothing else.

For instance, if your mouse doesn’t have a “DPI” to support sensitivity adjustments or other requirements, it’s unsuitable. Remember, if your tools are not efficient, you can’t be a professional gamer. 

Extended Practice Hours is a must For Becoming Pro Gamer

Everyone can play a game for fun, but everyone can become a professional. If you aim to attain that professional height, you must practice more hours than others.

Many pro gamers you admire put in a lot of hours on practice alone. So, prepare your mind and plan your time to accommodate more hours of practicing your specific game genre to become perfect in it.

Consistency through extended hours of practice results in professionalism. 

Gaming has an impact on health

Before making gaming your profession, take time to consider how it’ll impact your health and what you will do to stay healthy.

Gaming entails long hours of sitting in front of your monitor. Such a sedentary lifestyle can result in diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer, high levels of anxiety, pains in the lower back, etc. 

With all these risks attached to your gaming, you, therefore, strategize on how to prevent them.

In addition, you must be prepared to incorporate a workout routine, use a comfortable chair and spend some time standing and exercising your body. 

Choosing a Genre is important

Do you know that there are more than seven genres in the gaming industry? There is action genre, action-adventure, strategy, simulation, strategy genre, puzzle, role-playing, sports, etc.

If you aim to be a pro, it’s important to choose a particular genre that suits your personality or matches your preference.

Don’t jump into every game out there or else, you won’t master any of them. So decide on one genre and focus on being perfect in it. Of course, it takes practice, but your passion will encourage you too. 

Professional training is necessary

Even though we’re a strong advocate of practicing to get better, we also recommend professional training. So once in a while, leave the comfort of your practice space and go out there to meet professionals.

The simplest way to meet some of the top shots in the industry is to engage in tournaments or gaming events. Another way is to hire a professional to teach you one of two things. 

Deciding on the source of funds

A professional gamer has many sources of making money. For instance, you can make money through ads on your streaming platform.

Money can also come through endorsements when brands reach out to you for collaborations. Sometimes, you can get funds through subscriptions and fan donations.

With all these possible ways of making money, it is left for you to decide on the one to pursue and develop. The truth is that you will put in some work to utilize any of them profitably. You don’t have to depend on tournaments alone as a source of income. 

Success may Take Time

This is a very important one to consider before focusing entirely on gaming. You have to prepare your mind for the losses at the start.

Also, bear in mind that the money may not come fast. Therefore, think hard before quitting your job if you don’t have an egg nest to sustain you.

Also, when you lose, learn how to control your emotions and frustrations and motivate yourself to hang in there. 


It is great to be a professional gamer. But before you do that, consider all the things we’ve mentioned above. They’ll guide your decision and also prepare your mind for the journey ahead of you.

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