6 Best Bubble Shooter Games You Must Play in 2022


An enjoyable and exciting way to kill time is by playing Bubble Shooter. Whether traveling on public transport or commuting to work, you can play bubble shooter and relax before starting your day with numbers and complex coding.

You can play Bubble Shooter for hours and not get bored of it anytime soon. Moreover, you can even challenge other people online to beat your best score and have a great bonding and playing with your online buddies. 

The most exciting part of playing Bubble Shooter is that there are no hard-and-fast rules that one has to abide by to win the game.

The game’s ultimate objective is to enjoy it and burst as many bubbles as you can before the timer on top of your screen reaches zero.

Also, there are more chances of winning and marveling at this game with everyday practice. If you want to become a pro at Bubble Shooter, check out these best Bubble Shooter games to have a great time playing and relaxing. 

Bubble Shooter By MPL

Playing Bubble Shooter on MPL is both fun and rewarding. You will be able to have lots of excitement and thrill while playing Bubble Shooter on MPL

You will be rewarded with cash prizes and points as rewards. With colorful graphics and smoother gameplay, MPL offers players a wide variety of features.

For example, you will notice a cluster of colorful bubbles and a majestic canon used to shoot the bubbles. All one has to do is match three or more bubbles of the same color and score points.

Moreover, you also have to be mindful of the timer on top of the screen and burst all the bubbles in the given time. 

MPL also has exciting features like Fireball, which bursts all the bubbles in a line, Bomb, which bursts all the bubbles in a cluster and has a massive explosion of beautiful colors; and WildBubble that matches and bursts the bubbles of any single color. Download the Bubble Shooter game and become a pro at relaxing and popping colorful bubbles. 

Candy Bubble 

Candy Crush fans will be elated to know that there’s an alternative to their favorite game, a combination of candies and colorful bubbles waiting to be burst.

The game provides candy-coated graphics and a wonderland full of candies and colorful bubbles. The game is an exceptional addition to the genre and makes things more luscious and tempting for players to play and have a great time.

Moreover, the game starts with simple levels and increases the difficulty level with time and after passing each level. 

Similar to Angry Birds, Candy Bubble uses the three-star point feature and allows the player to replay the game and strategize better to burst more bubbles at one go.

Moreover, the game also has a feature called the “quality-of-life,” which allows the users to avail of tips and hints from several characters and visual indicators so that you can take a good shot at the cluster of colorful bubbles. 

Bubble Shooter Legend

Another exciting bubble shooter game with some exciting features is the Bubble Shooter Legend game that consists of more than seven hundred levels and comes with several different power-ups and features with every level.

For example, a carrot acts as a feature to replay your game whenever things seem to go down. Moreover, four power boosters and exciting graphics enhance your gaming experience.

With its soothing and quirky music and video effects, the game is curated especially for children; however, adults can play it. Another fun fact is that the game is constantly updated, and new levels are added so that you can enjoy the game even after reaching the finishing line. 

Frozen Bubble 

Another free game available for the ultimate fun and excitement is the Frozen Bubble game.

The most exciting thing about this game is that it is completely ad-free, and a player doesn’t have to make in-app purchases to avail of some exclusive power-ups and boosters.

This ensures uninterrupted game playing and optimizes your winning streak. The game comes with three exciting and straightforward modes, including a Versus mode where you can invite your friend and connect over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and compete against each other.

The app tops the tips of the least intrusive Bubble Shooter games!

Bubble Dragons

A visual treat to the eyes, Bubble Dragons comes with a bit of twist and enhances your gaming experience. The game’s objective is to burst the bubbles in front of colorful dragon eggs.

However, unlike basic Bubble Shooter games, it is entirely different as when you burst the bubbles near the dragon egg, the dragon eggs explode.

Furthermore, if the eggs are near some other eggs, the other eggs explode too, which creates a massive explosion and bursts all the bubbles in the explosion’s radius. 

Moreover, the game is created so that people who don’t like colorful interfaces can click on the icons that show the type of bubbles and easily play the game without relying on the color of the bubbles.

With a unique music track and exciting visuals, the game is jam-packed with unique features that exhilarate Bubble Shooter lovers. 

Kitty Bubbles

Talking Tom lovers would be delighted to know that there is a version of a Bubble Shooter game with a kitty who bothers you every time you start a new game.

However, unlike other Bubble Shooter games, this game consists of colorful yarns instead of bubbles, and the cat sits at the bottom of the cluster of colorful yarns trying to reach the cluster of yarns and have a great time creating a ruckus. 

The game can be played on both PC and mobile and has a smoother interface to ease your gameplay. Moreover, the fun is optimized with the kitty bothering your colorful yarns!


There are different Bubble Shooter games with different twists; however, the sole objective of the game is to have fun at bursting bubbles and scoring points. These are some of the Bubble Shooter games for you to play and have a great time! 

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