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We live in a world of modern high technologies. The concept of artificial intelligence is no longer something unusual for anyone.

AI algorithms surpass human capabilities in many areas where data processing is concerned. SYPWAI is one of the most promising projects nowadays. It will help improve the regulation and optimization of work in the future.

The startup’s mission is to save the planet. The SYPWAI company actively implements its ideas to solve various environmental problems. In addition, it is working on the development of AI in various fields like medicine, robotics, etc.

How Does It Work?

For a neural network to do valuable work, it must be taught. It looks like you teach children to do something.

For example, you show them many cats of different colors and many dogs of different breeds, but don’t explain the differences between cats and dogs in general (shape of ears, tail or nose, etc.).

At some point, children accumulate experience and begin to distinguish a cat from a dog in any picture. It’s the same with the neural network: you give it a “look” at vast collections of photos of cats and dogs, and in the end, the computer itself develops features by which it will distinguish one from the other in the future.

What can AI do? Well, it can recognize images and videos, understand speech and dialogue with a person, draw pictures and compose music, make diagnoses, and do hundreds of other tasks that are still considered the prerogative of a person.

That is why SYPWAI provides clients with the opportunity to earn money. Users teach AI to implement simple tasks. In the future, this will help companies optimize business performance.

There are two types of training AI: general and special. In the first case, a user needs to perform simple tasks such as distinguishing rose from chamomile. Anyone can do it.

The second case requires deep knowledge in various specialized areas, such as mathematics, chemistry, engineering, etc.

The selection of specialists is carried out using a particular test and an IQ test. The test is really serious, which doesn’t allow any errors, given that the system must work correctly.

Today, SYPWAI works in test mode because developers want to control the process.

What Is Raspberry Pi?

To participate in the program, you need to buy a Raspberry Pi device. Next, download the application, scan the QR code, and follow the next steps.

Why use this device? Huge databases simply won’t fit ordinary gadgets’ internal memory. So, Raspberry Pi is suitable for such purposes.

Where can you buy it? Visit the official website or partner companies. Shipping time depends on the local carrier company and your living place.

How to Register on the SYPWAI Platform?

To enter the platform, click “register” and “login”. To register, enter data about yourself (email address, username, and password) and confirm it with a link.

Then you will get further instructions. If you have any difficulties, then contact your regional technical support manager who will solve the problem as soon as possible.

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