13 Best Artificial Intelligence Tools For Affiliate Marketing in 2022


Active implementation of automation in the work areas of mankind is aimed at optimizing many routine tasks. This allows you to focus on more important issues that will drive your business forward.

A person is able to understand trends well, collect information or draw up a strategy, but data management is almost an impossible task. AI will be useful for solving such tasks.

In this article, you will find the definition of artificial intelligence as well as 13 useful tools for CPA affiliate marketing.

What is artificial intelligence for CPA affiliate marketing and why is it important?

Artificial intelligence is the ability of computer systems to perform creative and intellectual functions traditionally considered human.

One of the most effective AI technologies for CPA affiliate marketing is machine learning.

Receiving data for analysis, the computer independently learns algorithms without specific programming, which will later allow it to detect trends and patterns better.

That is, in fact, the machine learns on its own and becomes even more intelligent without human help. This plays an increasingly important role in various aspects of CPA affiliate marketing.

AI in CPA affiliate marketing: use cases

To understand how exactly artificial intelligence works, let us take a look at a few examples of its use.

Chat Bots

These are artificial intelligence programs that find out the needs of users and then help to satisfy them. A chatbot communicates on behalf of a company or brand in order to facilitate online communication and quickly provide up-to-date information upon request.

Often, precisely because of the speed of data processing and the issuance of a response, bots are used as an alternative to a live operator, phone call bot, or a call from a company manager.


This chatbot is powered by artificial intelligence that helps attract more potential customers to the business and increase profitability.

It can also be used for customer service and to get more information about your traffic. This is a great option to increase conversions, create the right script in a matter of minutes.

The bot’s cloud software can be installed via a plugin or code on your website. And by uploading the Conversiobot plugin to your WordPress dashboard, you can easily install the chatbot on your website.


This bot is suitable for those who want to set up automation of interactions with the audience in Facebook Messenger without any special programming skills.

The intuitive interface will allow you to customize the chatbot for all your requirements in a few clicks. It already has some kind of knowledge base with which it will compare all user queries.

If it fails to handle certain requirements, you can teach it so it can do it in the future.


With this bot, marketers and business owners with no technical background can create virtual assistants that communicate with customers in natural language, help them place orders, answer questions, and bring orders to the payment stage.

Creation of such an assistant from a ready-made template and connection takes 15 minutes, training and optimization take a few more days.

For communication, it uses messengers that everyone has – Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, SMS, etc. The envisaged Shopify and WooCommerce integrations will improve the experience of chatbots in e-commerce.

Content Marketing and Advertising

Artificial intelligence, especially in affiliate marketing, needs to be able to “talk” with a person. That is, to understand the versatility of the language, wordplay, idioms, stylistic colors, etc.

Now it is difficult to imagine that a computer is able to cope with such a task, but the first steps in this direction have already been taken and are showing excellent results.

IBM Watson

It is a supercomputer equipped with an artificial intelligence question-answer system. The uniqueness of the system lies in the ability to process natural language, build and evaluate hypotheses and learn dynamically.

This service can determine the data source, perform primary processing, create reports and provide them. Watson Marketing helps companies engage customers with responsive, relevant NLP messages that drive conversions and customer loyalty.


It is an automated tool designed to generate unique content. The creators claim that WordAI detects the difference between words, selects synonyms, and knows the meaning of each sentence.

In addition, it not only understands the meaning of words but also how they interact with each other. The service is now considered a multilingual content generator as it can create it in four main languages: English, Spanish, French and Italian.


This is a service that is capable of creating an unlimited number of unique materials in a matter of seconds.

All you have to do is specify a few key details in the program and Autowriter will generate several high-quality and creative marketing texts for your product, website, ad, blog, or whatever.

AI marketing analytics tools

If a person takes a long time to translate numbers into conclusions about customer behavior, AI can do this in a few seconds.

It is also very useful for CPA affiliate marketing. Its algorithms create images of perfect customers based on billions of data, namely interactions on the site, psychographic factors, customer behavior, and their past experience with the company.


This autonomous AI is able to process data at very large sizes and then use the information received to develop campaigns for media, channels, etc.

It is a collection of over 200 intelligent skills that use a wide variety of machine learning capabilities.


This service analyzes social networks and determines which publications receive more response and engagement than others. This helps you understand your audience and create more relevant and engaging content.

So far, Sensai has been working with the Instagram and Twitter platforms.

Narrative Science

Quill, an artificial intelligence platform capable of transforming disparate data into high-quality, lightweight text, lies at the heart of this service.

The program does an excellent job of processing information from a wide variety of areas, be it financial statistics or sports match reviews. It automatically reads the data and retells it in a human-readable form.

Narrative Science can also transform a report into a news story and highlight the most important information in it.

AI for social networks

Social networks imperceptibly began to occupy almost half of a modern person’s day. Therefore, it is not strange that artificial intelligence did not bypass them and began to be actively introduced by marketers.


An AI-powered service that predicts the performance of an Instagram post before it is published. This is necessary in order to improve the quality of the post in advance.

The program can advise you on the options for changes based on several factors: caption length, the number and type of hashtags used, ad type, and the date and time of publication.

In addition, Predis.ai can analyze your competitors, including their content, audience engagement, and most popular posts.


AI-powered application for creating texts. This service is perfect for marketers and content creators.

It can generate a caption for the post by analyzing the profile of the company or store.

Also, Inksprout can create a high-quality summary of any article, highlighting only the most important information.


This is smart moderation for Facebook and Instagram. It offers complete protection against spam, inappropriate comments, profanity, trolls, and more.

The AI monitors your profile in real-time 24/7, so you do not have to worry about missing comments. All identified violations will be removed or hidden within a minute after publication.

AI for your store

Of course, artificial intelligence has not bypassed online shopping either. With the help of new technologies, enterprises increase sales, attract even more customers, and also replace humans with machine algorithms.


It is an artificial intelligence-powered personalization and search platform that empowers marketers to deliver a personalized shopping experience.

The service itself will recommend to customers the products that are relevant to them, which will increase the level of the cross and additional sales.


Artificial intelligence is only gaining momentum, but it is already an excellent helper for humanity. It does not give in to emotions, does not get tired, and can process a huge amount of data.

Of course, even with all the advantages, AI will not be able to replace humans, but it will definitely make them more efficient. That is why those who want to be really competitive are so actively introducing modern technologies into their work.

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