Top 5 Sectors that Bet on the Metaverse


The Metaverse has become the most popular term since the founder of Facebook changed its name and became META.

Curiously, more and more children, young people, and adults are getting involved in the digital environment, where they can spend hours interacting with other Internet users, playing games, or just looking for information.

This new concept of virtual reality attracts future users and companies, and large corporations that find excellent investment potential and, in turn, enormous profits just by being part of it.

Economic sectors that bet on the Metaverse

Technology companies have been investing for some time in creating this new version of a digital universe, which allows its users to interact and relate to each other without having to be physically present in the same place.

Although this is the creation of a friendly digital environment for the avatars that will be our virtual twins, companies hope to make use of this platform to offer their goods and services virtually, thus reaching more potential markets.

Among some of the companies that are betting on being part of this ambitious project are the following:

1. The Fashion Industry

It is incredible how clothing design and production houses are willing to be part of this Metaverse; small companies and large industries that dress many artists are doing it.

Such is the case of the sports company Nike, which recently presented its new sports collection called Nikeland, which allows users of the interactive game platform Roblox to acquire clothing for their avatars and shoes from the prominent sports brand.

On the other hand, we find the direct competition of Nike, the multinational sports Adidas which, together with The Sandbox platform, created the Adiverso.

Still, the big companies such as Gucci and Dolce & Gabanna are not far behind and are already marketing their garments in different metaverses.

2. The Automotive Industry

Consider that this is one of the companies that can have the most future in terms of the Metaverse; consequently.

The created avatars will need to move from one place to another and for this, they will need some means of transport.

NASCAR, NISSAN, and BMW are already beginning to test what the Metaverse has to offer and have even invested heavily in creating vehicles tailored to the reality that the Metaverse has to offer.

3. The Real Estate or Real Estate Sector

Currently, the acquisition of plots of land in the Metaverse turns out to be something familiar.

It is one of the services that is moving with the greatest boom; consequently, everyone wants to invest in some way in this new virtual reality environment.

Artists, musicians, and personalities from the entertainment world are already acquiring properties on the different Metaverse platforms, contributing to real estate investment transactions in this new technological reality.

4. Consumer corporations

Large consumer companies are betting on the new virtual life that the Metaverse intends to incorporate into people’s daily lives, of course, the promotion of the products that these companies create is the fundamental basis.

The American multinational beverage company Coca-Cola has created a complete collection of NFTs where they promote their products through avatars, making it one of the first companies to be part of Meta advertising.

In turn, companies like Bacardi and Budweiser are joining this Metaverse to the point of wanting to create their virtual worlds. And just like that, you can use Bitcoin to send money abroad or NFT too.

5. Entertainment Industry

It is to be expected that in the real life of every human being, there is a need for entertainment and enjoyment, avatars as digital twins cannot escape doing this type of activity.

It is there where nightclubs, musicians, artists, and endless members of the entertainment world could not be left out.

so they offer the Metaverse places of recreation and fun with various proposals according to all tastes.


We must be realistic; although currently, the Metaverse is just a concept that is under construction, there are many opportunities.

It offers for numerous economic sectors, granting them a large number of benefits that range from promoting their products or services to financial gains.

On the other hand, it is not so far-fetched to enter this Metaverse.

Practically, we do many tasks through intelligent equipment, so we are on the way to a genuinely innovative technological adaptation.'

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