The Process of Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration


The domain account linked to the Microsoft 365 Suite is called a tenant. A tenant administrator has access to all the features provided in the subscription.

In some situations, the mailboxes have to be transferred to another tenant. The migration process is very complicated, you have to do some preparation work, meet a few requirements, and owning licenses.

When you have around 500 users or less than that, you can move the contacts and mail calendar individually to the target tenant mailbox. For migrating emails, sort the migration by any standards like dates.

When you have around 500 users or more, utilize the multi-pass approach to move the data in several batches. You can exclusively transfer contacts, calendars, and one week’s data.

After this, you have to choose the migration method. You can also choose the type and quantity of data to be migrated. Migration can be performed with the help of PowerShell scripts even while using the tool on a Cloud Desktop as a Service solution.

But third-party migration tools are highly recommended as they give total control over the migration along with instant and effective processes automatically.

A kernel is an excellent tool that is specifically created for Microsoft 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration. It enables users to effortlessly migrate all Microsoft 365 mailboxes from one tenant to another.

It has some great functions that make it the most suitable tool for Microsoft 365 migration.

Here is how the office 365 Tenant migration tool works:

  • Install and open the Kernel software on your PC.
  • In the home screen, select Add Source to add the primary tenant Microsoft 365 account as the source.
  • The Office 365/Exchange tab comes up on the screen, input the Microsoft 365 account details, and choose List all mailboxes with the help of the above credentials. After that, click on the Get User mailboxes option. All the Microsoft 365 mailboxes will come up in the window, choose the particular mailboxes, and then select Add.
  • After mailboxes get added to the source part, select Add in the Add Destination part to add the next Microsoft 365 tenant as the target.
  • Same as the source part, enter credentials in the target section for Microsoft 365 account. Check that you have added all the mailboxes for proper migration.
  • When you add both the target and source mailboxes, connect mailboxes to one another, and then choose Set Filter and Migrate.
  • For the next step, choose the kind of destination (Public Folder, Mailbox or, Archive Mailbox) and click on Migrate.
  • The Filter Selection tab will appear on the screen. Use filters to the mailboxes if you need to, and select I am OK Start Migration.

The tool will initiate the migration process for mailboxes from one tenant to another. After the migration is completed, a notification will pop up on your screen validating the same, select OK to complete the process.

The migration report can be stored in a CSV format. In this manner, you can instantly complete Microsoft 365 tenant to tenant migration by utilizing the Kernel tool.

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