How to become an Artificial Intelligence Architect in 2022


The Artificial Intelligence architect is like the chief data scientist, planning the implementation of solutions, choosing the right technologies and evaluating the evolution of the architecture as the clients’ needs change.

The industry is changing at a very rapid speed. Technologies that existed years back are obsolete now. Everyone in the present industry has to adopt the changing technology and get knowledge of new technology. 

It was presumed years back that there will be a day when everything will go online, and we have been through that day.

Analysts and researchers have now presumed that by 2025, everything will be on Artificial Intelligence.

The Internet of Things (IoT) will be in demand. Along with Artificial Intelligence, analysts have also recommended people to get accustomed to other technologies like Machine Learning, Data Intelligence, etc.

When someone thinks about learning new technology, the only barrier that they face is time & money as well as they get confused from where they can take the knowledge transfer.

Let us discuss the topic that holds the capacity to solve your queries. More so, we feel that it has all the contents that might delete the query permanently. The same solution you might select for any such further upcoming queries.

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Simplilearn, in association with IBM, has started imparting education on the topics of Artificial Intelligence. The Master’s of Artificial Intelligence, in collaboration with IBM, covers all the necessary skills required to develop a successful and long-lasting career in Artificial Intelligence.

Simplilearn offers AI certification where you can master your skills in Artificial Intelligence along with deep learning, machine learning, and other programming languages that work in collaboration in real-time.

Also, you don’t need to have some basic knowledge about AI. You can start fresh and kick-start your career in Artificial Intelligence with this AI Certification

Let us jump into the topic that will give you a better idea about this certification.

Artificial Intelligence by Simplilearn in Partnership with IBM

As per the Forrester Wave report published in September 2018, IBM was the second largest organization to provide Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning solutions throughout the globe.

In integration with IBM, the master’s program provides you a proper blend of artificial intelligence along with data science. And thus, it is said as a certification that imparts integrated blended learning.

Talking about IBM, IBM is an industry leader in providing a plethora of technologies along with all the consulting solutions. IBM is a leading brand in providing the best cloud-based solutions. 

As per one research, IBM invests $6 billion every year behind research and development. As a result, they have received many appreciations, awards, and Nobel prizes. 

This master program is designed in a way that you will receive experience in a number of technologies like machine learning, data science, deep learning along with Artificial Intelligence to get used to the market requirements.

Additionally, by taking this master’s program, you might get an experience of working on some real-life scenarios that may help you to at the later stage.

As per one of the analyses, going forwards, by 2025, all the segments of our life will have Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in them. With this AI certification, you might start loving Python as well, and you might end up learning new libraries of Python and how to use it.

Industries like transport, logistics, healthcare, food, etc. are some of the industries which might be ruled by Artificial Intelligence going forward. So AI certification is something that will reserve your slot in an exciting career that will end up at the top by 2025 as per the analyses.

Now that we know that Artificial Intelligence will be ruling our cute little world by 2025, we need to keep some knowledge about how this field is going to keep up with the growing salary standards and expectations.

What kind of remuneration can you expect after taking AI certification?

People have a great tendency to compare the present situation with the future one. A similar thing happens when someone compares the present market situation for Artificial Intelligence with the future. 

We agree that they are right on their part, but at times, few things are unique and can become a unique selling point for any technical person. Such a unique selling point can be having knowledge of Artificial Intelligence in combination with machine learning.

As per research, there will be a considerable change in the requirement for Artificial Intelligence Architect in the future as compared to the present situation.

The New York Times recently published an article saying that there is a shortage of Artificial Intelligence Architect in the market. As per them, there are only 10,000 professionals available to work in the AI domain and fill these jobs.

According to Paysa, the average annual salary of any candidate who takes AI certification ranges from 17 lakh rupees to 25 lakh rupees. Logistics, Insurance, Transportation, and Healthcare companies will be the top hiring industries in the AI domain.

As per a report published by Gartner, by the end of 2020, there will be 2.3 million new jobs that will be available in Artificial Intelligence. Moreover, by 2023, the Artificial Intelligence market will increase at a humungous CAGR rate of 53.25%, which is super impressive.

You know all this, the only question that you may get into your sweet little brain that all can take this AI course, which Simplilearn gives in collaboration with the industry expert, IBM. Let us have a glance over that too.

Who can all opt for this certification?

  • If you are someone from the IT industry and have been coding for a while now, and you are interested in becoming a machine learning engineer or an Artificial Intelligence engineer, then you can connect with Simplilearn for this AI certification.
  • Managers who are leading a team of analysts.
  • Information architects who want to develop their expertise in Artificial Intelligence.
  • Fresher’s and Experienced professionals who are possibly planning to increase their knowledge and develop their career in Artificial Intelligence. 

Thus, looking at the above points, we feel that someone who is really interested in developing their career in Artificial Intelligence or want to develop an additional knowledge base that can help them in their work, they should really go for this AI certification

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