Author: Patricia Bennett

Patricia Bennett is a professional content writer with eight years of experience. She holds her specialization in the digital marketing and design industry. She prioritizes providing valuable and updated information on the latest digital marketing trends and web designing to help small businesses thrive.


Despite its relatively recent start, Pinterest Engagement has become a global social media sensation. It attracts millions of new users every day, and the site’s popularity continues to rise. To connect with your audience on the app, you must understand the best strategies for generating the highest possible level of engagement. “Engagement” is using planned and resourceful material to build meaningful relationships overtime on the platform. Images on the platform with a high level of engagement on the app receive a lot of likes, shares, and comments. The higher the level of involvement, the more sales, authority, and traffic will…

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Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription-based service that enhances your experience with Office 2016. It has new features, such as cloud choices and the ability to communicate through the cloud, for businesses of all sizes. A newer version of Microsoft’s Office software may help your company’s productivity soar to an entirely new level. Microsoft Office 365 is increasingly becoming a popular choice for businesses throughout the world. Here are 3 good reasons to utilize this subscription service. Interconnected Platform Each machine must have its application suite installed to use Office 2016. This is because Microsoft distributes a single license for the software…

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