Best Android hacking apps
Android has emerged as the top mobile operating system, we have seen a great rise in the Android hacking apps for rooted as well as non-rooted devices. Everyone wants to turn their Android smartphone into a hacking device. But most of them don’t know where to start, what to install. So today we are going to list some great hacking tools, to make hacking possible in Android which can be used by a technology enthusiast, an IT security administrator, or an ethical hacker. Even though great hackers use these Android hacking apps to convert their smartphones into a fully-featured hacking machine.

Everyone thinks hacking is only possible through a computer but technology has been developed now smartphones can do everything like your PC. Normally hackers are using Linux based operating systems in PC for hacking purposes. And your Android is a Linux based platform too. So download and try these hacking apps for Android, and also keep in mind that your device must be rooted in order to get the full potential of these apps.


Please note that is publishing this list just for educational purposes. We don’t support the use of any tool to indulge in unethical purposes. Do not try to use it if it’s not legal in your country. And also not use them to harm anybody or to gain unauthorized access to any account you do not own. Use this software only for analyzing your own security. I do not take any responsibility for anything you do use this application. Use at your own risk.

#1 Orbot

A must-have app to become anonymous on the internet. Orbot is an android app developed by the Tor Project for internet freedom and privacy. Basically, it allows you to hide your real IP address by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world. It also has the ability to transparently torify all of the TCP traffic on your Android device (only on rooted devices). Orbot APK is not just Tor, it also contains LibEvent and a lightweight web proxy server -“Polipo”.
orbot-Get it on google play

#2 Fing – Network Tools

Fing – Network Tools
Fing, the top ranking, completely free and super-fast network scanner to discover which devices are connected to any Wi-Fi network, map devices, detect intruders, assess network security risks, troubleshoot network problems and achieve best network performance, with the world’s most popular network toolkit.
Fing – Network Tools

With more than a dozen free network tools including; Wi-Fi scanner, port scanner, DNS lookup, ping, and service monitoring – Fing is a must-have network utility.
Fing – Network Tools

#3 Hackode

Hackode-the hackers toolbox
The second entry on our list of top hacking Android apps for 2018 is Hackode. It is an app which is basically a collection of multiple tools for ethical hackers, IT specialists, and penetration testers. In the app, there are three modules  Reconnaissance, Scanning, Security Feed available in the application.
With this app, you get the functionalities like Google hacking, SQL Injection, MySQL Server, Whois, Scanning, DNS lookup, IP, MX Records, DNS Dif, Security RSS Feed, Exploits etc. It’s a great Android hacking app to start with and it doesn’t ask for your private information to operate.
Hackode-the hackers toolbox

#4 Haven: Keep Watch

Haven is for people who need a way to protect their personal spaces and possessions without compromising their own privacy. It is an Android application that leverages on-device sensors to provide monitoring and protection of physical spaces. 
Haven turns any Android phone into a motion, sound, vibration and light detector, watching for unexpected guests and unwanted intruders.

#5 SSHDroid

SSHDroid is an SSH server implementation for Android. This application will let you connect to your device from a PC and execute commands (like “terminal” and “adb shell”) or edit files (through SFTP, WinSCP, Cyberduck, etc…


#6 Encrypt Decrypt Tools

Encrypt Decrypt Tools
Encrypt Decrypt Tools is an android app that enables you to encrypt the message and convert the message into the non-readable format. It can be further decrypted to a readable format by using the same application.
Encrypt Decrypt Tools

Encryption and Decryption methods that are included:

Base :

  • Base16
  • Base32
  • Base64
  • Base85 (PRO VERSION)
  • Base91(PRO VERSION)

Conversion :

  • Hex
  • Decimal
  • Binary
  • Octal (PRO VERSION)

Cipher :

  • Atbash
  • Caesar
  • ROT13
  • Vigenere
  • Affine
  • Rail Fence
  • Scytale
  • Beaufort (PRO VERSION)
  • Baconian (PRO VERSION)

Hash :

  • MD2
  • MD5
  • SHA-1
  • SHA-3 
  • SHA-224
  • SHA-256
  • SHA-384
  • Keccak (PRO VERSION)

String Tools :

  • URL Encode
  • HTML Entities
  • Reverse

Encrypt Decrypt Tools

#7 Whatscan

If you wonder how to hack WhatsApp account and monitor all the incoming and outgoing messages of someone who know. Then you should try Whatscan - a WhatsApp web integrated application. In order to hack WhatsApp with this app, you must first access the victim device physically and then scan his/her WhatsApp web QR-code to activate the service. unlike other Android hacking apps, Whatscan doesn’t require root permission since the app uses the genuine method to access WhatsApp (via WhatsApp web).

QR scanner and Generator 

QR & Barcode Scanner can scan and read all QR / barcode types including text, URL, ISBN, product, contact, calendar, email, location, Wi-Fi and many other formats. After scan and automatic decoding, the user is provided with only the relevant options for individual QR or Barcode type and can take appropriate action. You can even use QR & Barcode Scanner to scan coupons/coupon codes to receive discounts and save some money.

Status saver for Whats web 

Currently, on Whatsup you can only view your friend’s status (image or video), but if you want to save it for your use there is no option. Don’t worry this app will solve your problem.

With Whatsup new status feature, all status automatically disappear after 24 hours. So with our app, you can save your favorite status and can access them anytime.
Whatscan-QR Scan

#8 DriveDroid

With DriveDroid you can unlock any password protected PC/laptop just by connecting your Android phone via USB. DriveDroid allows you to boot your PC from ISO/IMG files stored on your phone. This is ideal for trying Linux distributions or always having a rescue-system on the go… without the need to burn different CDs or USB pen drives.
DriveDroid also includes a convenient download menu where you can download USB-images of a number of operating systems from your phone (like Mint, Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE and Arch Linux). Around 35 different systems are available at this moment.

#9 PixelKnot: Hidden Messages

PixelKnot Hidden Messages
With PixelKnot, only your friends with the secret password can unlock your special message. Everyone else just sees a pretty picture. It’s a fun and easy way to share hidden messages without anyone knowing.

#10 NetCut

With NetCut, you can quickly detect all network user in WIFI, even when your phone has no valid IP address or not been granted use wifi internet. as long as you connected to any WIFI, NetCut can work. 
With this app set on/off line to any network users, including phone/xbox,softphone, PS3, PS4 etc. 


Do you want to know if your Access Point is vulnerable at the WPS protocol? Wifi Wps Wpa Tester is the app that you need. 
With this app, you can test the connection to AP with WPS PIN.

#12 Change My MAC – Spoof Wifi MAC

Change My MAC – Spoof Wifi MAC
Airports or railway stations, coffee shops or hotels, nowadays almost all public places offer free Wi-Fi. But most of them employ time limits to control the usage. 
Change My MAC – Spoof Wifi MAC
But changing MAC address of your Android would solve this problem. With this tool, you can easily spoof your device MAC address enjoy free unlimited Wi-Fi.
Change My MAC – Spoof Wifi MAC

#13 WPS Connect

WPS connect
WPS Connect will help you to hack into WiFi networks which have WPS protocol enabled. The app is focused on verifying if your router is vulnerable to a default PIN. 
WPS Connect
Many routers that companies install own vulnerabilities in this aspect. With this application, you can check if your router is vulnerable or not and act accordingly.

#14 Market Helper

Market Helper
This app is an add-on for apps created by JRummy Apps Inc. The app does not put an app icon in your app drawer. This app only has one purpose - it uses the unofficial android market API to get info about other apps that are on the Google Play Store. It can get info about an app's description, category, price, etc. on the Google Play Store. The info is used in other apps (like ROM Toolbox or Ultimate Backup) to create app groups or show you additional information about one of your installed apps.
Market Helper
The reason this is a separate app is that of the permissions it requires. This app is open source, which means you can know exactly what the app does. The permissions to your accounts are only used to generate a token used in the Android Market API. 
Market Helper

#15 Androrat

AndroRAT stands for Android and RAT (Remote Administrative Tools). This top free hacking tool was released a long time ago as a client/server application. The app aims to give you the control of the Android system remotely and fetch the information from it. This Android app runs as a service right after the boot. So, a user doesn’t need to interact with the service. 
The app provides you with the ability to trigger the server connection by a call or SMS.


  • Get contacts complete info.
  • Get all logs
  • Monitor messages and other conversations
  • Find out the Location by GPS/Network
  • Check out Browser History
  • Monitoring received messages in live
  • Monitoring phone state in live (call received, call sent, call missed..)
  • Take a snapshot from the camera
  • Stream sound from microphone and media played.
  • Streaming video (for activity based client only)
  • Do a toast
  • Send text messages
  • Make a call
  • Open an URL in the default browser
  • Check out installed Apps
  • Do vibrate the phone 
Find the APK/Download link of this hacking app here - AndroRAT

#16 WiFi Kill

wifi Kill
WiFi Kill is one of the best Android WiFi hacking apps used for disabling other user wifi connection from your android mobile. 
WiFi Kill
You just need to download this amazing android app in your phone and you can easily kick off other users from connected wifi.
WiFi Kill

#17 APK Inspector

APKInspector analysts and reverse engineers to visualize compiled Android packages and their corresponding DEX code.
APKInspector provides both analysis functions and graphics features for the users to gain deep insight into the malicious apps.

#18 zANTI

zANTI is a mobile penetration testing toolkit that lets security managers assess the risk level of a network with the push of a button. This easy to use mobile toolkit enables IT Security Administrators to simulate an advanced attacker to identify the malicious techniques they use in the wild to compromise the corporate network.

Find the APK/Download link of this hacking app here - zANTI

#19 dSploit

dSploit is an Android network analysis and penetration suite which aims to offer to IT security experts/geeks the most complete and advanced professional toolkit to perform network security assessments on a mobile device.

Once dSploit is started, you will be able to easily map your network, fingerprint alive hosts operating systems and running services, search for known vulnerabilities, crack login procedures of many TCP protocols, perform man in the middle attacks such as password sniffing ( with common protocols dissection ), real-time traffic manipulation, etc, etc.
Find the APK/Download link of this hacking app here - dSploit

#20 AnDOSid

AnDOSid uses to launch DoS attacks from your mobile phone. It was developed as a stress testing tool, but you know, anything can be misused, even a pen. AnDOSid is so powerful, that you can even use it to take down web servers.
Find the APK/Download link of this hacking app here - AnDOSid

#21 Penetrate Pro

penetrate pro
Penetrate Pro is used to calculate WPA/WEP keys for some routers which means it is used for wifi decoding. Some antivirus may flag the app as a virus because it uses some security permissions.
Find the APK/Download link of this hacking app here - Penetrate Pro

#22 Nmap for Android

Nmap for Android
Nmap (network mapper) is an open-source security scanner used for network exploration. It works on both non-rooted and rooted phones, but if your device is rooted then you have access to some more features.

#23 Droid Pentest

Droid Pentest helps you to find all android apps for penetration testing and hacking so you can make complete penetration test platform.
Find the APK/Download link of this hacking app here - Droid Pentest

#24 Faceniff

FaceNiff is an Android app that allows you to sniff and intercept web session profiles over the WiFi that your mobile is connected to. It is possible to hijack sessions only when WiFi is not using EAP, but it should work over any private networks (Open/WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK)
Find the APK/Download link of this hacking app here - FaceNiff

#25 Shark

Shark is mainly designed to track activities of other devices. It is basically designed for office staff to have a track on office or team members.
Find the APK/Download link of this hacking app here - Shark

#26 USB Cleaver

USB Cleaver
The goal of the USB Cleaver is to silently recover information from a target Windows 2000 or higher computer, including password hashes, LSA secrets, IP information, etc… beauty lies in the fact that the payload can run silently and without modifying the system or sending network traffic, making it near invisible. It captures all the information to a LOG file stored in your sd card and can be reviewed at any time.
Find the APK/Download link of this hacking app here - USB Cleaver

#27 Whatsapp sniffer

If you want to download private chats, audios, and videos of your friends WhatsApp, who uses your WiFi Connection this app is the best choice must try it.
Find the APK/Download link of this hacking app here - whatsapp sniffer

#28 WIBR Plus

WIBR Plus is one of the Android hacking apps for testing of security of the WPA/WPA2 PSK WiFi networks. This app detects wireless penetration on a network.
Find the APK/Download link of this hacking app here - WIBR Plus

#29 AppUse

AppUse is a VM (Virtual Machine) developed by AppSec Labs. It is a unique platform for mobile application security testing in the Android environment and includes exclusive custom-made tools. AppUse’s core is a custom “hostile” Android ROM, specially built for application security testing containing a modified runtime environment running on top of a customized emulator.
Using rootkit-like techniques, many hooks were injected into the core of its execution engine so that applications can be easily manipulated and observed using its command & control counterpart called “ReFrameworker”. 
AppUse dashboard
AppUse includes everything the pentester needs in order to run and test target applications: the Android emulator, development tools, the required SDKs, decompilers, disassemblers, etc.
Find the APK/Download link of this hacking app here - AppUse 

#30 Kali Linux NetHunter

Kali Linux NetHunter
Kali NetHunter from the developers of powerful hacking operating system Kali Linux you have a powerful, portable, and inexpensive penetration testing platform. The NetHunter has the full power of Kali, and it supports Wireless 802.11 frame injection, one-click MANA Evil Access Point setups, HID keyboard (allows you to launch keyboard attacks on PCs), as well as BadUSB MITM attacks.
Find the APK/Download link of this hacking app here - Kali NetHunter 

#31 Intercepter-NG

Intercepter-NG is an Android tool for hackers. It can help you to intercept and analyze unencrypted communications over a WiFi network. Things you can do with the help of Intercepter-NG: Intercept communications, Analyze data packets, Hijack sessions, SSL Strip connections, Monitor target’s web activity.
Find the APK/Download link of this hacking app here - Intercepter-NG

#32 Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is a great Android tool to remove ads, modify apps permissions, backup and restore apps, bypass premium applications license verification, and more. To use all features, you need a rooted device.
Find the APK/Download link of this hacking app here - Lucky Patcher

#33 Game Killer

Game Killer is used to hacking or modifying coins, gems, etc of humanoid games by victimization technique of memory modifying. Gamekiller has been downloaded by over ten million users worldwide creating it one amongst the foremost downloaded app not obtainable on Google Play store.
Find the APK/Download link of this hacking app here - Game Killer 

#34 SSLStrip for Android

SSLStrip is a tool that transparently hijacks HTTP traffic on a network, watches for HTTPS links and redirects, and then maps those links into look-alike HTTP links or homograph-similar HTTPS links.
Find the APK/Download link of this hacking app here - SSLStrip 

#35 Hash Suite Droid

Hash Suite Droid is a free and open source and the first multi-hash cracker developed specifically for Android devices. Similar to its PC version Hash Suite Droid features Rules, compressed wordlists, ability to resume interrupted attacks, high performance (hand-crafted ARM NEON assembly code, GPU cracking via OpenCL), etc.
Find the APK/Download link of this hacking app here - Hash Suite Droid