Hi, Guys here are full-time jobs that can be done remotely if you Want to work from home or anywhere in the world. There are more legit online jobs than ever. All it takes is being aware of the possibilities. Working remotely doesn’t have to mean taking a pay cut. Your ambition to have a job that provides you benefits and regular income while never leaving your home can be realized. As the world increasingly relies more on the internet, it’s easier than ever to make money from home -- or from anywhere in the world.

Working from home provides workers with flexibility and can allow them to save money on expenses. Remote jobs site FlexJobs estimates that working from home can save workers as much as $4,668, while Quartz calculates that telecommuters can save $2,524 a year.

Why are online jobs so popular?

  • No need for investment – One can look for opportunities to work from home without investment, which means one doesn’t need to pay any sort of registration fee to apply to an online job.
  • No specific skills required – Online jobs do not require a specific skill set and are open to all – be it a school or college student, graduate, housewife, or a retiree. Anyone with a little knowledge of MS-Office and computer can earn money online by doing work from home jobs.
  • Flexibility – Online jobs offer a flexibility in terms of working hours. Not stuck up in a 9-5 rut, you can schedule your working hours as per your convenience – you can either work by the day or during the night. Plus, you don’t have to get up early and can binge-watch all your favorite shows whenever you want without having to worry about going to the office.
  • No upper cap on earning – You can take up multiple online jobs at a time or do any number of assignments depending on the number of hours you are willing to put in, and therefore, earn as much as you want to.
  • Follow your passion – Being busy with our studies, jobs, or familial responsibilities, more often than not, we are unable to pursue what we feel passionate about. Online jobs provide us with a platform to follow our hobby or passion by devoting just an hour or two and turn it into a source of income.

#1 Computer programmers 

Computer programmers

Computer programmers write code to create software programs. They turn the program designs created by software developers and engineers into instructions that a computer can follow. Programmers must debug the programs that are, test them to ensure that they produce the expected results. If a program does not work correctly, they check the code for mistakes and fix them.

#2 Writer

If you were an English major, you may have heard some version about how the degree is useless or makes it hard to get a job. However, as the entire world shifts to online, new avenues are opening for writers to work from home or a coffee shop every day.

Writing roles can come in any industry. Businesses need writers to create sales and marketing copy as they create and update online stores. They need writers who can provide clean, clear instructions for a digital manual (which falls under “technical writing”) or just good, valuable content. Full-time writing jobs in advertising, marketing, branded content (B2B and B2C) and sales are definitely available because businesses are always changing and updating theirs on their websites and other media where branding and messaging takes place.

#3 e-tuitions/Webinars 

The demand for tutors is high and growing. So, if you like helping others learn, e-teaching could be the earning ticket for you. All you need to become an online tutor is expertise in your subject and a few spare hours per week. TutorVista, e-tutor, SmartThinking, and Tutor.com are some of the sites you can enroll with. If you gain a good reputation as a coach, you could even conduct Webinars-lectures or seminars transmitted over the Net. College and university students are willing to pay to gain entry to a well-respected Webinar.

#4 Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer
For the artist out there, becoming a graphic designer is a great way to monetize your hobby.

The web is becoming a lot more visual as mobile becomes the primary method of browsing. Sites like Pinterest are taking off because of this fact.

As many If you can design graphics, you can make good money. Bonus if you understand how to write engaging headlines.

#5 Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

Almost every big business has gotten on the social media bandwagon as a means to reach their customers directly, and without paying heavily for television, print, or radio ads. But not every big business has someone to manage their social media accounts, which is why more individuals have begun marketing themselves as social media managers and helping businesses grow their online following and expand their reach.

Although very little data are available for this work-at-home job since it is relatively new, thousands of listings for social media managers can be found on sites like CareerBuilder.com, SimplyHired.com, and Upwork.com. If you have a demonstrated command of social media and a sizable following, you might even be able to get started by reaching out to companies directly and asking if they need help.

Social media managers typically earn the same as a virtual assistant, with hourly rates of $15 – $75 fairly common. Some social media managers also work for a retainer or monthly fee, however.

#6 Web Developer

Web Developer
This is a very competitive field. It also requires a good and latest industry knowledge as the industry is very dynamic and keeps on changing very fast. Technological changes are happening every day so to keep up with that pace is a key to success. There are a lot of web developers, but not all are successful.

The web developer market is crowded but there is still a demand for a reputed one. You have to do a lot of hard work to reach the top slot, but once you are there you can make tons of money. Successful web developers are hiring other designers at the lower cost.
Note: Start with a small project and helping people at lower cost. Once you gain some trust of the people their future projects will be yours for sure. References are working great in this field as most of the people are relying on the tested one.

Once you are known in your domain, start a company and hire people to work for you. At this level, you will get good projects as you already have established your trust in the market. The earning potential is infinite in this field once you become well known.

#7 Inbound call center

Many companies, who are facing space constraints, especially those in metro cities, prefer to hire workers outside their offices or outsource certain processes. You can set up an inbound call center at home to handle such jobs. Research different companies that are outsourcing their work as they may have opportunities for inbound call center agents. You can work for more than one company. This can be either a part-time or full-time engagement, depending on your need.

#8 Virtual assistant

Virtual assistant
With so many businesses utilizing remote workers, it makes sense that they have a remote assistant for the company. Virtual assistants can organize someone’s personal life, be it with appointments or booking travel, and also manage communications between employees or between an employee and his or her clients. The bottom line is that a good virtual assistant can keep everyone on task, make the workday better and shorter and has strong enough communication and technology skills to perform this role remotely.  

#9 Proofreader

Proofreading is another legit work-from-home job where you can actually earn real money. Again, this is something that you can do from almost anywhere in the world, provided you have an internet connection. As a proofreader, you’ll be asked to proofread all types of content. Proofreaders look for errors on documents, books, blog posts, and more. It’s a great work-at-home opportunity for somebody who has a decent command of the English language and an exceptional eye for detail.

Proofreaders can work as a “general proofreader,” or they can specialize in certain areas – such as proofreading transcripts for court reporters. While there are generally more jobs available to general proofreaders, those with specialized skills and training can typically charge more for their services.

#10 Online Consultant

Online Consultant
Most of the people may be expert in some field for an example, take yourself and if you know to design well in the computer you can become a designer.
If you know well in writing contents, you can become a content writer. Yes, you can make money from your interested field.
Just create a blog or a Social profile on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus. Showcase all your previous work, mention your skill, and let people know that you are ready to take any projects.