Canadian crypto exchange MapleChange has suffered a hacking attack, which resulted in the loss of the whole consumer-owned funds. The company is reporting over $5 million in losses virtually all its funds – and says it cannot pay any of its customers back.
On October 28, 2018, MapleChange crypto exchange announced on its official Twitter account that they suffered a hack.
However, many are questioning whether the company was hacked or if the loss was something planned by internal representatives, as the operator of Maple Change website ultimately removed all related internet presence before being identified by “online detectives.
The news came up right after the website went online after being down for maintenance. The news then created unrest among the users since they announced the loss of all funds – that too – with a statement of failure to refund. Explaining further, they mention the reason behind the attack to be a bug. 
Based in Edmonton, Maple Change says that all its money has been stolen. After deleting its internet presence temporarily, various customers published the IP address of the company’s owner, prompting the exchange to immediately re-establish itself online. The hack allegedly took place on Sunday, October 28, roughly six days after the company handled trades equaling nearly $64,000 in BTC.  In order to investigate the arrack and find a solution, MapleChange suspended users’ accounts. Further, the exchange informed that they would not be able to refund anything to the users until the investigation is over.
The incident is not the first time of a hacking attack. The crypto community still remembers the attack in January 2018, when the cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck lost a whopping $500 million in NEM tokens.

In September, Japanese crypto exchange Zaif, operated by Tech Bereau Inc., became a victim to hack, losing worth $60 million worth of Bitcoins. As was previously reported by Coinspeaker, the hacked cryptocurrency exchange immediately suspended all deposits and withdrawals while filing a criminal case with the local investigative authorities. The hack was one of the biggest cyber attacks of the year was recorded in September.

In October, U.S.-based cybersecurity firm CipherTrace conducted a research to assess the losses caused by hacks. According to their report, hackers stole $927 million from the cryptocurrency exchanges during the first nine months of 2018, which is 3.5 times higher compared with the previous year. By the end of this year, this scaring number is about to grow up to $1 billion.