New 3rd-gen Chromecast appears in store before being announced
After an updated Chromecast with the inclusion of Bluetooth and likely better Wi-Fi reception passed through the FCC last month, it became clear that we’d probably see updated hardware at Google’s October 9 event. Well, the wait is over because Best Buy accidentally sold the third-gen streaming device to a customer before it was even announced and a user who managed to get hold of one has posted details on Reddit.

Redditor GroveStreetHome wasn't able to get the device up and running it keeps asking for an update but thanks to some photos we know the new Chromecast will get a slightly refreshed look, with the Chrome symbol replaced by a Google logo (as on the Chromecast Ultra).

We knew a new Chromecast model was coming: filings made with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) indicated a new device with added Bluetooth powers was on the way. Improved Bluetooth connectivity might open the way to Chromecast peripherals, including, perhaps, gamepad controllers.

The product’s packaging doesn’t look too different compared to the outgoing version’s, but there are some distinct differences between the Chromecast hardware. While the device keeps its puck shape with an attached HDMI plug, the Chromecast ditches the magnetic portion that helps users manage the cable and swapped out the Chrome logo found on the top of the hardware for Google’s “G” icon found on the back of Pixel smartphones. The device is a small HDMI dongle and retails for $35.Let’s examine just how Google made the Chromecast such a runaway success and better understand what this means for devices such as the Home and Home Mini.

It comes down a few things that the Chromecast achieves better than any other streaming device. How it now interacts with other Google services, and just the sheer inexpensive nature of it, make it the obvious contender for the streaming crown. We're assuming the Best Buy in question has now hastily pulled the new edition of the Chromecast from shelves until October 9 rolls around. We'll have to wait for Google's event to get all the details on what this new streaming dongle has to offer.

Unfortunately, the Reddit user hasn’t found any proof of the inclusion of Bluetooth or any other changes. They weren’t able to actually use the device as the Home app states that the Chromecast needs an update first. It’s likely that the streaming hardware will remain useless until Google officially announces the device.