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Google launches Blog Compass app to help Indian bloggers manage their sites. This new app aims to provide  the need of Indian bloggers with an app called “Blog Compass.”Blog Compass” app has started making the rounds as an easy tool for bloggers to manage their sites and help them track visitor information, engage readers, monitor search engine presence, and find new topics to write on regularly from a mobile device.
easy tool for bloggers to manage their siteshelp them track visitor information, engage readers
So offering the various functionalities in a single app should make the task of managing a blog that much simpler. 

The new app, now in beta, quietly popped up in the Google Play Store this week with a note that’s it’s “only available in India. Interestingly, Google has made this app not only to work with its own blogs as well as with WordPress sites. These are two of the largest platforms used by bloggers around the world. WordPress alone powers around 30 percent of websites.
you can also access Google Analytics and Search Console
In fact, you can also access Google Analytics and Search Console when linked with an account.  
Blog Compass also studies post history and blogger preferences and extracts customized Google Trends data to help push relevant content on the blog. Google claims that its initial testing found out that a majority of bloggers improved their frequency when using Blog Compass. Blog Compass feels something like an introductory app for those who aren’t as familiar with how the web or blogging works. 
also avilable in hindi language

The Blog Compass app has been listed on Google Play as "only available in India". The app is currently available in open beta and can be used by English and Hindi speaking users in the country.
If You Want to download Blog Compass Get it On Google Play.

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