Chitika Review for Publishers 2018

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Chitika Review for Publishers 2017

Chitika is a company based out of Westborough, MA. It is a contextual banner advertising network which lets website owners earn money by serving banners from Chitika on their sites.
It is one of the well-known option advertisement systems to AdSense and has a low least payout limit. Particularly on the off chance that you have a blog with less traffic, it will be one of that top-notch promotion Network which will indicate a quality significant advertisement. On the off chance that you have a top-notch blog, you can expect incredible pay from Chitika. It has a large campaign portfolio and is serving banners from many big brands so your performance and click-through rates will be significantly high.

Who Should Join Chitika

There are no minimum criteria to join Chitika. Any newbie blogger or blog having less amount of traffic can also apply for it and can get it approved easily. Joining with Chitika is easy as publishers and advertisers from all countries are accepted and there are no restrictions as to the minimum impressions of the site.

Best thing is you can utilize its promotions with AdSense on your blog. On the off chance that you know how Google AdSense functions,  it will be easier for you to understand Chitika.
Getting started with it is simple as even with a less traffic blog you can get approval here. When you are approved you should simply make advertisement zone and place the code on your blog. if you are using WordPress,  you can use their WordPress plugin to show ads on your blog.

Different Ad Formats Available

Chitika provides a wide range of ads to use on your blog including mobile ads which are a major requisite to today’s date.

Chitika Support

Its support is fairly good. The usual response time is within 24 hours which is very fast. Furthermore, they have a very good knowledge base which answers so many questions.

Chitika Payments

It offers the fastest way to cash out your revenue: Payoneer. Your account needs to accumulate the minimum amount of $50.00 before a Payoneer payment is sent.
Payments are processed on a 'Net 30' schedule. This means, if you sign up on January 9th and accumulate a minimum of $50.00 by January 30th, you will receive your payment at the end of February (if the balance has cleared the minimum payment amount).


Chitika Referral

Publishers that you refer to Chitika will be tracked through your unique username, and you will earn 10% of their revenue with it for the first 10 months they are a publisher. Use these banners to start reaping the rewards of our referral program!

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