Slidejoy gives you a chance to earn money to check trending news and to open your Lock screen! It pays you in Cash or rewards you out gift vouchers to have slanting news and promotions on your Lock screen. Recover money prizes to your PayPal account or gift voucher prizes to your most loved retailers/brands. You can even give the cash you make from it to offer money to charity!

How Slidejoy Works 

When you enroll on Slidejoy, each time you open your smartphone, you will get a card with news or a  promotion on your Lock screen.
  • Slide UP on your lock screen to see more news 
  • Slide RIGHT on your Lock screen to open your  smartphone and go to your home 
  • Slide LEFT on your Lock screen to get more data on the Content
  • Slide DOWN on your Lock screen to get to your notifications and app shortcut menu
To make money with Slidejoy, you DO NOT need to slide left, take an overview, tap for cash, download an application, or do something besides to utilize your smartphone as you normally do. You also don't receive get pretty much to engage with the promotions. Truly, it's that Simple.
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 Features of Slidejoy

  • Get cash to see news and advertisements.
  • Make it simpler to check your notifications and most loved applications while making money.
  •  Receive Carats and reclaim them for genuine cash or gift vouchers 
  • Enjoy trending news and convenient promotions.
  • News, deals, and advertisements on the lock screen are custom fitted to your  preferences
  • The money you make is refreshed day by day the following day 
  • Slidejoy gives you 12 extra redemption options to make money or get gift vouchers, only to unlock your phone! 
  • Quick, fast cash payments.

Slidejoy Review On Google Play Store
Slidejoy Review On Google Play Store

Slidejoy Payout

Slidejoy PayoutSlidejoy Payout
Once you earn 2,000 Slidejoy Carats, you can cash out or gift the money to charity (after you’ve used Slidejoy for one month). 1,000 Carats is equal to $1.You can earn minimum $10 Per Month.
There are several ways how you can cash out. My favorite way is through PayPal because it’s the easiest and the fastest way. You can also have gift cards to Amazon or other online stores.

Is the SlideJoy App A Scam?

The SlideJoy App is not a scam, it’s actually a completely legitimate Android Smartphone app that pays you to unlock your home screen. Slidejoy is an award-winning lock screen app that has been featured on the Today Show, Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, CNBC, Business Insider, Fox and more.
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