What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the calling that endeavors to streamline locales to make them show up in a high position in the natural query items. Keeping in mind the end goal to do as such, SEO tries to fit a site to Google'scalculation. In spite of the fact that Google's calculation stays a mystery, very nearly a time of involvement website optimization has brought about a really smart thought about the essential variables. In our view, the variables in Google's calculation can be partitioned into two classes:
  •  There are on-page factors which decide the ranking of your website.These factors include technical issues (e.g. the quality of your code) and more textual issues (e.g. structure of your site and text, use of words). The textual issues will receive in-depth attention in this book.  
  •  There are the off-page factors. These factors include the links to your site. The more other (relevant) sites link to your website, the higher your ranking in Google will be. We will not go into off-page factors in this book. 

Three types of SEO

Based on the different approaches and results, there are three different types of SEO. These include:
  • White hat SEO
  • Black hat SEO
  • Grey hat SEO

White hat SEO
 What is Search Engine Optimization?


 Whitecap SEO identifies with the utilization of methods and methodologies, which is inside the adequate limits of web index standards and direction. Whitecap SEO, as the name recommends, works along absolutely the legitimate means and don't exceed the bounds of web crawler calculations, rules, and strategies.

The procedures utilized as a part of white cap SEO incorporate written work great, educational and unique substance. The substance is elegantly composed, clear, and fascinating, and it keeps away from alternate ways like counterfeiting. The watchwords are utilized normally and wherever required. There is no heedless tossing around of watchwords and unpredictable high catchphrase thickness. Different methods utilized incorporate HTML code enhancement, better organizing of the substance and great, quality third-party referencing in view of substance and pertinence.

Whitecap SEO prompts a progressive however enduring and a lasting remaining in the web crawler rankings, while entirely following rules and suggestions gave via web search tools.

Black Hat SEO

 What is Search Engine Optimization?

 Dark cap SEO, as the name proposes unmistakably, alludes to the utilization of clashing strategies, which are speedy easy routes to increasing high pursuit rankings and connections. Dark cap SEO flourishes with distortion and control, as it essentially focuses on the shortcomings and the escape clauses in the calculations of web indexes. These strategies and techniques are in unswerving conflict with the guidelines and directions of free-and-reasonable site design improvement.

The systems utilized as a part of dark cap SEO incorporate giving spam joins, giving the bogus impression of an exceedingly legitimate and very important site. Dark cap SEO stores up a few pointless connections so as to assemble joins, while no thinking is given to the nature of the connections. Different systems utilized in dark cap SEO are high watchword thickness and catchphrase stuffing. The substance quality is seriously altered, catchphrases are contributed all through the content prompting indiscriminate, rough, and unimportant substance. Dark cap SEO prompts brisk yet fleeting web crawler rankings, and it can be punished via web indexes.

Grey hat SEO
 What is Search Engine Optimization?

Another interesting kind of SEO is the grey hat SEO. This occurs where the realms of white hat and black hat SEO overlap and merge. This type of SEO functions by incorporating techniques, which go undetected by search engine algorithms. However, they profusely focus on improving search engine listings and rankings only. The focus is not on producing well-written and original content at all.