Want to avoid tracking by Facebook- Log out twice
facebook, much the same as Google or so far as that is concerned, any organization genuine about working together on the web watches its clients. It watches them intently and tries to take after their impressions over the web in light of the fact that in the event that it comprehends clients well it can serve them commercials that are more applicable. Contingent upon how your concept of protection and comfort this can either be something to be thankful for or awful. 
Yet, independent of what you feel about how Facebook watches, and its following of web clients is genuinely inescapable, there is one misstep that you make which enables Facebook to track you better. 
The individuals who know ideas like "treats" comprehend that when they are signed onto a website, that webpage can frequently interface their online conduct with their profile. A great many people wouldn't fret or think about it, yet the individuals who do frequently log out of the sites once they have completed their work there. This implies, once that email is sent or the FB post is refreshed, the client logs out to limit the web following. 
In any case, with regards to Facebook, this is the place individuals commit an error. The issue is with the Facebook login API, that is utilized by many sites. Web clients utilize this API all the time notwithstanding when they are not utilizing Facebook. For instance, you are on Quikr or OLX, attempting to offer something. Rather than making a record with OLX, you utilize Facebook to sign into the system. You get, set up a promotion or react to an advertisement and after that log out of the OLX. 
Presently, you would expect that you have logged out of Facebook's system. In any case, no. Logging out of OLX, regardless of the possibility that you are utilizing Facebook ID to sign in, just logs you out of the OLX. On the PC, you keep on being signed into the Facebook arrange. So for instance, in the wake of logging out of the OLX on the off chance that you open Facebook, you won't need to sign into the online networking webpage. You will specifically go to your course of events. 
This means once you host signed into a third-get-together site utilizing Facebook ID, you not just need to log out of that site yet in addition need to open Facebook and after that log out once more. At exactly that point you will be out of Facebook organize. In the event that you simply log out of the outsider site, Facebook would keep on identifying your perusing session and likely interface it to your profile. 
Notwithstanding when you logged out, the treats put by organizations like Facebook and Google track perusing sessions. In any case, in these cases, they can't expressly connect the perusing information with a specific profile. 
Presently, Facebook here is unquestionably not off-base. A few people wouldn't fret following of web sessions since they get the opportunity to see more important advertisements. In any case, it beyond any doubt looks like to some degree deceitful that it is not clarified to clients that they would need to log out twice to get out the Facebook organize.