How To Trace A Person By Chatting on Facebook or WhatsApp

We more often than not don't have to track an individual's area yet when we require it, it's a speedy need and we need to track a man's area as quickly as time permits. By and large, we have to track the area of a man if any obscure individual is prodding or undermining us. In some cases, our companions or known individuals mislead meet us and rationalize. All things considered, as well, we want to track their correct area with the goal that we can track the focused on the individual to know whether he/she is lying or not. 

Have you additionally wind up in such sort of dangerous circumstances when you are in an extreme need to track Geolocation of a man? On the off chance that it's along these lines, today I am will disclose to you three working approaches to track the focused on individual's area just by visiting through Facebook, WhatsApp, Google+ or whatever other places, for example, by email, talking through unknown visiting site Omegle, and so on.

 Through Facebook Chat

This is a to some degree dubious way however it's brisk and direct. Likewise, this strategy has been utilized by heaps of individuals effectively. That is the reason I am sharing it here. Be companion with the individual who you need to track (on Facebook). Presently, open any program and begin talking with that individual on Facebook. Ensure, you have a lone single program and its single tab is open where you are talking. Additionally, on the off chance that you can, check if any of your experience applications are utilizing web Association for refreshes, and those procedures by utilizing Task Manager.

Follow these steps:

 Press Win+R or explore through Start >> Run to open Run Dialog Box

Sort cmd there and hit enter to open it.

Presently, summon provoke has opened. Sort netstat - an and hit enter

The above stride will list all the IP address which is at present being utilized. It must contain the individual's IP as well, whom you're talking with, on Facebook.

Recognize suspicious IP or the individual

Visit put sort that IP deliver to the container saying "look into this IP or site"

The site will disclose to you the geolocation of gave IP address. Furthermore, subsequently, you will have the area of that individual.

  • By Creating Tracking Link
    By creating Link

 This strategy is more dependable than the first. Additionally, once made, it is anything but difficult to utilize this strategy to follow IP of any obscure individual. 
The thought is to make the following connection which (when clicked by any individual) will spare his/her IP Address with timestamp and client operator/program.

Steps to create tracking link:

  • Enlist on free web facilitating sites who gives you a chance to include your own contents. For e.g., 000webhost, ByteHost, Free Hostia, and so forth.  
  • Make site by enlisting a free space name there. You, for the most part, wind up in getting sub-space, for example,, rather than an area like Ensure the web have enabled you to include your own particular documents. 
  • Presently, download this compress record: Track-IP 
  • Concentrate it and you'll see three records on IP Trace Code organizer. Specifically: img.jpg, index.php and log.txt. Transfer each of the three documents to your site's root (public_html) envelope. 
  • Presently, your site's connection ( is the following connection. Send it to that individual and make him/her tap on it. 
  • When the individual taps the URL, your log.txt document will follow his/her IP, Browser with a timestamp. 
  • You would then be able to track IP utilizing any IP Tracer to get the geolocation of that individual
TIP: - If you can use it to email, the trick works more powerfully there because you can then hide the URL by using an anchor text that can make receiver click on it.

  • Using Website Tracking Scripts
Website tracking Script

This method requires you to have a website. If you don’t have one, create a free blog at

Steps To Track Using Tracking Scripts 

  • Add Google Analytics following code to your site ( sites have examination content as of now added to it. 
  • Make a connection from your site (simply: make a fake post which nobody has gone by, duplicate its connection) 
  • Presently, same as above strategy, make the individual snap/visit the URL. 
  • In case you're online right now, you can see him on ongoing detail at your Google Analytics represent the connection. If not, you can check Google Analytics later to get its history and points of interest of guest i.e., that focused individual. 
  • For the client's detail, Google Analytics will open more point by point insights containing client's IP Address as well.
You can use other tracking scripts like Histats, Statcounter, etc.