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    Link shrink is a typical type of URL shortens which has been used by many of website. You can get money when you get 1000 views on your link. You just have to shorten your regular URL and paste that shorten the URL to any normal website or social media sites. If you don’t have any site then you can also use this method. Just shrink other website links. This is a cool method for those who want to learn from their home.


    1) First of all, Create a Fresh Account in Link shrink From Here

    2) Now simply go to your account tab paste any URL in the Shrink Url Tab
    3) Now your URL is shrunk ( shorten ) now just paste that URL into your own site or blog.
    4) If you have no website or blog, then paste your link in the social media websites like facebook, twitter, Google+ or even in the WhatsApp.
    5) Now more the page views of your link, more the money you will get.